navigating the digital acceleration

Fast Forward

What can companies do to navigate the unexpected digital acceleration in order to ensure an effective transformation?

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navigating the digital acceleration

Fast Forward

In a matter of just a few months, we took

in terms of digital adoption

a five-year leap forward

  • meetings morphed into video conference calls

  • brick and mortar shops quickly built their e-stores

  • schools turned into online educational platforms

  • some clinics created telemedicine channels

  • physical events turned into webinars

these perspectives are part of the opinion piece: Standing out in the Digital Space: The How-To, co-authored by Mihaela Nina and Alex Gheordanescu, published by Entrepreneur Middle East

navigating the digital acceleration

Fast Forward

Shift the digital adoption process from isolated functional projects to

strategic growth models

Digital transformation has been a business priority and under the spotlight long before the pandemic has started, however it has been mostly regarded as a long-term ambition and embraced as isolated functional projects, rather than becoming an integral part of the business growth strategy. There are very few organizations which took gradual steps towards a complete digitization not only of capabilities, but also of the working and business models.

And with the crisis essentially forcing everyone to turn digital overnight, many companies have been caught off guard.

Digital is here to stay as we increasingly see changes in behaviors from a consumer standpoint and a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business. And so, businesses need to ensure that digital adoption becomes an integral part of the strategic growth model.

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navigating the digital acceleration

Fast Forward

Define the digital strategic objectives which can drive growth and lead to a competitive edge

Simply building an e-commerce store, having a digital workflow management platform or launching new digital communication channels aren’t sufficient. Organizations need to establish what are the strategic priorities, those which will drive value, be it in terms of performance, commercial, or brand value.

Critical thinking - Analyse, evaluate and decide on the right approached towards digital adoption based on:

  • the level of complexity and length of implementation

  • the extent of digitization (entirely digital or a hybrid model) t

  • he existence of internal resources and capabilities or whether external support is required

These could be in areas such as engaging audiences in novel digital communication experiences, improving customer journeys, and reducing friction, having a hybrid working model which enables flexibility, collaboration, and agility, and the list goes on.

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navigating the digital acceleration

Fast Forward

Shape a truly engaging digital experience for which the ROI can be demonstrated through comprehensive data and analytics

With the transition to companies setting up their online presence, brand and communications are key in standing out in a crowded digital space.

Therefore, what is key besides a optimizing the customer journey and ensuring that it is seamless, is focusing on personalizing communications, making them interactive and turning them into experiential pieces in order to attract new audiences and keep the current ones engaged.

Organization leaders need to put themselves in the shoes of their customers and start thinking at the level of information we consume on a daily basis, the numerous channels we receive it from and the fact that the attention span is decreasing more and more and what can be done differently to be at the top of consumer’s mind.

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