Digital Branding

The fast-paced increase in digital content consumption at a consumer level brought along a battle of brands for eyeballs. How can brands differentiate from each other and become or remain top of mind in this crowded digital space?

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these perspectives are co-authored by Mihaela Nina and Alex Gheordanescu

Why is digital branding more crucial than ever?

*according to research conducted by multiple global organisations

"If your business is not online, it doesn't exist"

definitely a statement that we keep on hearing over and over again. However, building a digital brand isn't as simple as having an online presence, but it means being relevant, remembered and lasting among the unlimited choices your consumers have.

Digital Branding

~ 4.5bn

internet users worldwide


social media users globally (not unique)


daily average time spent using the internet


daily average time spent on social media

a strong brand reflects in market share growth and ease of new markets penetration

A brand is the strongest

intangible asset of any entity

a strong brand equity leads to an organic increase in customer base, revenues and profits

a strong brand builds trust and leads to a loyal customer base

of customers begin their journey by searching for a product/service online on channels including: website, social media, forums, direct messaging, amongst others


Given that our audience has more access to information and is inundated with information more than ever before, for a brand to remain relevant it needs to personalize its communications, stay true to its promise/purpose and reengineer the customer journey into a seamless experience.

Digital Branding




from one brand to another in a split second

is the average person's attention span


A brand now has the unique opportunity to establish itself and build a reputation much faster than through traditional offline means, however to remain top-of-mind and relevant the ability to continuously innovate is crucial.

Digital Branding


A brand is not just its visual identity, but also a representation of a company's ethos, which goes beyond the purchase stage. Building a brand is therefore a long-term strategy focused on bringing to life the promise to its customers, as opposed to digital marketing which is centered around demand generation.

Brands also need to carefully choose their communication channels and ensure they are present where their customers are and where they can add value to, rather than being present everywhere. Nonetheless, for consumers to trust and identify with a brand, consistency is vital in an omnichannel approach.


One of the key benefits of digital is the vast amount of data which organisations can collect and analyse, within a short time frame. This enables an in-depth understanding of customers and being nimble in implementing new approaches.

What is important is to dig into data beyond vanity metrics - while clicks, likes, follows or visits can give an overview of how much interest a brand is generating, or how captivating it is, granular data such as capturing real time feedback, audience sentiment, time spent, device used gives an edge in enhancing the effectiveness of the digital branding strategy.

Digital Branding

Going granular is a principle that sits at the foundation of our flagship digital communication experiences, as this supports our partners get a real time understanding of their audiences and what should be optimized to yield a maximum ROI.

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